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PhilHealth Contributions *


The researcher would need to program rules which simulate contributions to PhilHealth deducted from salaries.

It is suggested that this is a good research topic for students with a computer programming background because it will require the student to program rules that will represent taking the contributions out of the incomes of people in the Family Income and Expenditure Survey (FIES). The students will be required to use a programming language, the Policy Simulation Language, that automatically creates menus of options that allow non-programmers to play “what if” games with the contributions. The researchers need to write self-documenting code by choosing long variable names that are intrinsically meaningful. The variable names will often appear in the menus seen by the end users of the program.

The key research questions for this research are:

1. Does the contribution amount calculated by the student’s program plausibly represent contributions on a case-by-case basis (can you verify the calculation by looking at a particular person in the survey and then doing a hand calculation)?

2. Does the total amount of the contributions match the published national totals.

3. How should non-payment and evasion best be modeled?


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